Learn the preferences of Your customers. Now it is easy with surveys module in SARE system.

Since today internet polling was time-consuming and labor-intensive. Time to change it!

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Internet polling at SARE Corporation received lots of very intensive attention and work from SARE programmers. Furthermore, it required an integration of many IT systems in order to make its functionality effective for our clients. In order to increase the efficiency of our clients’ marketing campaigns we have designed our own unique polling system. This module is available –like all the other tools – in the SARE system. Combining surveys with e-mail and SMS-based campaigns gives system users the edge and allows them to integrate the various areas of communication between their company and their customers. In addition, it acts as a planning assistant in the implementation of advanced consumer loyalty programs.

The polling system allows to create different question types: single-choice, multiple-choice, open and matrix questions. It is possible to create e-mail queries to expand the address base. Moreover, the system allows to condition the prepared questions, using own poll template or using the examples available in the system.

There are many possible uses for surveys, e.g. asking questions regarding products to determine what service types the customers are most interested in, which parts of the offer should be changed or expanded to make it more attractive. The polls can also be used to prepare contests, expand databases, etc.

Main advantages of surveys in SARE system:

  • Advanced conditioning;
  • Ability to use own templates;
  • Unlimited number of polls can be run;
  • Possibility to specify a starting and ending time for the survey;
  • Comprehensive reporting and filtering functionality tab.

Polling may support advertising campaigns conducted via mailing lists and sending SMS messages. Such advertising campaigns allow researching customer opinions on the fly with regards to present action and modifying the conditions as per the expectations of the polled.


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