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Email marketing is one of the most popular, most effective and still the cheapest forms of advertising on the Internet. We know that perfectly well, and that’s why we have created an email marketing system which for many years has been helping hundreds of our customers to maintain positive relations with their recipients and to conduct effective advertising campaigns.



SARE is our proprietary, professional e-mail marketing tool. You can use it to strengthen the image of your company, for example in loyalty programs – by running campaigns based on personalization and automated activities, the setting of which is very intuitive. Just like all of our email marketing.

Przykład personalizacji kampanii reklamowych


The system will be perfect for your advertising campaigns. Email remains one of the cheapest and most effective channels to reach potential clients. Thanks to SARE, you can precisely create the appearance of mailing creations, adjust their contents to your current needs, all based on the behaviour of your users.



In addition to advertising activities, our e-marketing system is also an ideal solution for internal communications in your company, for investor relations and also PR activities. Thanks to SARE, you can quickly and intuitively create a message and send it when something special happens – something you want to immediately inform your recipients about.

przykład newslettera firmowego


Much is said about the EU Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data. But remain calm – using SARE there is no need to fear GDPR. We have introduced tools that will help you control changes to individual addresses processed by the system. Not sure about your marketing approvals? At SARE, you can run a verification e-mail shipment, and ask your recipients for confirmation of consent.


We have been in the industry from the very beginning – SARE was the first company to create an email marketing system in Poland. Therefore, without hesitation, we say that then newsletter is the most popular type of email marketing message.

Poles are increasingly looking for unique and valuable content, content which encourages subscriptions, influences engagement, and helps build valuable relationships with recipients. It’s the project and the content of a newsletter that determine the effectiveness of email marketing activities.


For the past 14 years we have been conducting studies of the use of electronic mail in Poland. According to the report from the last, XIV research:

  • 27% OF RESPONDENTS have at least 5 e-mail accounts
  • OVER 40 EMAILS reach more than half of the respondents every day
  • A GROWTH TREND has been going strong for the past 13 years
  • 90% OF RESPONDENTS said that thanks to mailings, a company is able to achieve tangible benefits, such as maintaining customer relations, increasing sales and increasing website visits
  • 92% OF RESPONDENTS subscribe to newsletters primarily due to their substantive and informative value – that is, they focus on the content.

These results confirm our conviction that constantly developed tools which support this channel of communication positively influence the sales growth and improve the public perception of the company. It is definitely worth investing in them.

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We are focused on the development of our tools and support our clients in their everyday marketing activities. Below you can read about some of the most important functions and features of our system:

You can create unique messages, tailored to your customers’ needs, all thanks to the ability to create your own functions in the system.

unikalny mailing reklamowy

You can set up recurring shipments and full marketing automation – autoresponders, birthday emails, transaction emails.

automatyzacja kampanii email marketingowych

E-Mail targeting, database segmentation using intuitive flowcharts.

segmentacja bazy w e-mail markatingu

All of your databases in one, secure place – 100% security and fast access to data exports.

danych w email marketingu
See all of our
email marketign zgodny z RORDO
100% GDPR compliant
personalizacja email marketingu
Complete and advanced personalisation of mailings – from addressing your customers by name, to dynamic connect, all based on your clients’ experience
raporty z kampanii emailingowych
Advanced reports and analyses that can be quickly generated as a PDF file.
intyuicyjny edytor mailingu drag&drop

Intuitive message creation editors, with full drag & drop compatibility, and the possibility of using our extensive library of ready-made mailing templates, all fully responsive.

integracja email marketingu z SMS

Quick integration of campaigns with SMS send outs, surveys and remarketing to anonymous users.

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What should a mailing system be like?

Now don’t joke that it should be free, please. We value the work of our people too much to give away the effect of years of work on our proprietary solutions. Our answer to this question is: SARE system, which provides professional e-mail marketing. Online communication is also about building a proper brand image, and that can only be ensured by a professional business partner.

One of the key tools in client communications’ is the newsletter, the message that your clients expect cyclically. This most popular type of advertising email may come in various graphical forms, and with different content. It is a promise of exceptional and valuable news, it encourages subscribing, affects engagement, helps build valuable relationships with your recipients. According to the report from the “XIV Research on the use of e-mail”, 92 percent of respondents subscribe to newsletters primarily due to their substantive and informative value. It is worth using their power, and that is what SARE system is there for.

What about e-mail marketing in terms of GDPR?

It’s not only the project and contents of the newsletter that decide about the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing activities. In terms of your image, working within the law is the basis upon which everything else can be built. SARE is a unique to the polish market e-mail marketing tool, fully adapted to the changes that have come from the EU Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, otherwise known as GDPR, or Polish RODO. SARE System may be used without fear in loyalty programs, advertising campaigns, internal communication, investor relations, public relations activities, or in a word - wherever both recipients’ consents and technological facilities ensuring security are needed.

If you’re considering implementing effective e-mail marketing, choose SARE system due to its 100% compatibility with the RODO, and the accessibility of all of its multiple functionalities and advantages all in a single place, beginning with databases that allow you to create unique e-mail messages, advanced sendout customization, ending with full marketing automization. We’re not even going to mention the possibility of integrating your campaigns with SMS sendouts, surveys, and remarketing to anonymous users...

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