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Build effective e-mail marketing campaigns with us

  • database creation and management
  • easy management of effective sending
  • accurate and clear statistics

You don’t have to do everything yourself!

  • we will select the most effective communication channels for you
  • creating advanced, multi-channel communication scenarios
  • guaranteed effectiveness and efficiency!

We share our knowledge

  • would you like to learn the strength of e-mail and mobile marketing?
  • Have you just began your adventure with SARE tools?
  • would you like to integrate your mailing campaigns with other forms of marketing communication?
  • use our knowledge! Join SARE Academy today!

Set up an account and start working!

  • e-mailing, mobile marketing, consumer surveys all in one application
  • simple online registration
  • account activation without contracts, on time and date of your choice
  • clear price list with no hidden costs
  • free tests for any time period – suitable for conducting analyses

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EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL directive 95 46 CE 23.04.2012

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SARE Key functions 05.03.2012

SARE Key functions


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