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Do you want to verify the effectiveness of marketing campaigns run by an external company? We will objectively verify that the results are consistent with those you get in reports.

Entrust your campaigns into the hands of specialists

Enterprise solutions aimed at businesses that want to put campaign creation fully in our hands.

Dedicated reports
and analytics

Do you need specific data? Detailed reports with analysis, recommendations for actions and their optimization – this is our specialty.

and recommendation systems

Use automated mechanisms that detect patterns in consumers to predict their behavior.

Tailor communications to the needs of the audience.

We will help you dicover what excatly your customers need.
Putting the customer at the center, we build answers to the four fundamentals of your business.

To whom do you communicate?

... who is the receiver

When you want to communicate?

... when the communication shall be performed

How you want to communicate?

... which channel is most effective?

What do you want to communicate?

... what content you want to communicate to you client

See how we work
on increasing the effectiveness of your business.

Your account manager will assist you at all steps.
In addition, you can have a dedicated specialist who takes ownership of campaign creation.
You receive the reports and from them we decide together what to do next.

Discover Analysis

We begin by analyzing your business processes to determine the areas with the highest potential and opportunities for automation.

Define Plan of action

We align the findings with your needs to develop the right implementation plan.

Develop Implement solutions

We deploy our proprietary marketing automation technology using modern solutions based on machine learning

Deliver Optimize and report

We summarize the implementation of marketing automation by presenting a final report. We recommend further areas for automation to make your communications even more effective.

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