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Send 2500 emails to 500 recipients. Test SARE for 30 days for free.

Max database [email + SMS].:


1 user

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  • Drag&Drop editor
  • Email template library
  • AutorespondersAuto-response email e.g. thank you for subscribing to newsletter
  • Newsletters
  • Campaign personalizationMatching content to the recipient e.g. subject line, sender, message content.
  • Basic A/B testing
  • Mailing groups
  • User profile 360
  • SubscriptionsNewsletter signup forms.
  • API/SOAP integration
  • Reports
  • NPS surveys
  • Surveys
  • E-commerce integrationsShoper, Presta, WooCommerce and others
  • SMS modulePersonalization, counting clicks from messages, back channel

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Chat E-mail

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Standard + Functions:
  • Extended personalization module
  • Transactional dispatches
  • Targeted and conditional mailingsDemographic, geolocation and behavioral targeting (link tagging), dispatches based on recipient actions
  • Optimization of shipping date
  • Multidimensional A/B testingAbility to test any shipping parameter, e.g. subject line, sender, preheader, creative, embedding graphics
  • Birthday and welcome dispatches
  • Segmentation of the base
  • Survey expiration date


5 users/different permissions

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Chat E-mail Phone

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Advanced + Functions:
  • Dynamic counter in emailsCountdown, for example, until the end of the promotion.
  • Sender listDefinable list of senders for mailings
  • WebhookReal-time reporting capability
  • Discount codes
  • Conditioning of questions in surveys

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5 users/different permissions

Individual pricing
  • Dedicated specialist
  • Attribution
  • Dedicated reports and analytics
  • Predictive and recommendation systems
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Additional fees


  • Channel ScoringEvaluate the level of engagement in the email and sms channel.
  • Lead ScoringAssessment of user engagement level on the website.
  • Abandoned product cardE-mail and sms campaign. Support for abandoned page as well.
  • Abandoned cartSupport for abandoned cart via email and SMS.
  • AttributionVerify campaign effectiveness per communication channel.
  • Control groupPossibility to test campaign effectiveness on a group of addresses.
  • SMTP
  • Web push
  • Mobile application lead generation


  • IT support
  • SARE account support
  • Design and/or coding serviceComplete preparation of email templates, LPs, surveys, pop-ups, subscription forms, etc.
  • Analytical serviceAnalysis of past activities, campaigns. Preparation of dedicated reports
  • Contests service
  • RODO
  • Dedicated mailing infrastructure

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What is the limit for sending emails from a free trial account in SARE?

The limits of the free account are:

  • base of up to 500 email addresses, 
  • limit of sent emails up to 2500,
  • account validity of 30 days.

You can expand your account at any time by choosing a paid plan. Go to our price list.

What is the cost of the SARE system?

The cost of the system depends on the size of the base and the selected plan. Take a peek at our price list page to decide which plan suits your company’s needs.

How long can I test a free SARE account for sending mailings?

You can test your free SARE account for 30 days from the moment you set it up. After that, the test account will be blocked.

Can I change the selected plan?

Yes, you can change the selected plan at any time. To do so, change the price range from within the system or contact your consultant or via

Are there any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts for longer payment periods. The longer the period, the higher the discount. For an annual payment, the discount is 15%, for a 3-month payment, the discount is 10%.

What are the payment methods?

We accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal method. Payments for one month, three months or the whole year are possible.

Do the prices include VAT?

No, the prices listed in the price list are net and do not include VAT.

What does the Enterprise offer consist of?

This is a plan aimed at companies that expect tailor-made solutions for their needs. It offers, among other things:

  • Attribution – we will check the share of all channels of communication with your audience and assign them an appropriate percentage.
  • Dedicated analytics and reports – we generate detailed reports with their analysis, recommendation of actions and optimization.
  • Expert support – we will run your campaigns in the omnichannel model, report the results and recommend further actions to increase efficiency on an ongoing basis.
  • “Control Group” solution. – The control group is a sample of the user base (segment) for which we block communication based on jointly established guidelines. Its purpose is to check whether users who do not receive marketing communications make purchases/interactions with your store/product/service.

What are the payment terms?

The payment term is 14 days after receiving the invoice.



E-mail marketing

Edytor Drag&Drop

Database lub URL

Templates library

Dynamic counterCountdown, e.g. until the end of the promotion


Double Opt-inSending with a request to confirm the email address.

Triple Opt-inAn additional method of confirming a subscriber's registration by the administrator after the subscriber's earlier Double Opt-in.

Newsletters and campaigns

Automatic birthday and welcome sendings

AutorespondersMail with automatic response, e.g., a thank you for subscribing to the newsletter

Follow upEmail sent after a specific customer action.

Transactional emails


Targeted emails

Event campaigns

Camaign personalization


Capaign testing

A/B/X testing

wielowymiarowe testy A/B
nielimitowane wielowymiarowe testy A/B

Sendings plannerOptimization of sending time
- Reservation of sendingtime

Email quarantineTemporary exclusion of email addresses from ongoing/planned sendings

List of sendersDefinable list of senders for sendings

Duplicate blockingBlocking the sending of the same sending to the same recipient.

Email attachments


URL branding

Integration of campaigns with Google Analytics

Prioritizing sendings

S/MIME security certificate


Database import

automatyczne importy według harmonogramu

Unlimited number of features

API/SOAP integration

Subscriptions (number of forms)Newsletter sign-up forms and defining messages after adding to the database.


Database export

Management of address statuses

Database validationAddress quality verification in the database

E-commerce integrations


Campaign statisticsIncluding reports on opens and clicks, day-by-day statistics.

Domain and mail agent statistics

360-degree user profile

Click map

Database growth report

Customized reportsReports profiled by tags, recipient behaviors, parameters.
- Dynamic reports
- Webhook

SMS marketing

Custom sender


Automated targeted and conditional sendingsIncluding birthday and welcome automated sendings

Transactional SMS

Testy A/B

Sending filtration

Link shortener

własna domena

Remove link

SMS return channel

Abroad sendings

Duplicate Blocking



Custom recipients configuration

Number of questions in the survey


Number of surveys launched


Different types of questionsopen-ended questions
single-choice questions
multiple-choice questions
matrix questions
questions asking for an email address

NPS Study

Survey personalization

ReportsIncluding the export of reports and the export of answers

Additional functionalities

Generating codese.g. discount codes, EAN13

Drawing addresses for shipment

Targeting, tagging, filtering.For example, filtering based on dates, feature values, defining feature values, email and SMS dispatch results, and any other operations based on dispatch data and address features

GeolocalizationSending emails to recipients from a specific area

Exclusion of addressese.g. blacklist, returns, employee group, etc.


Additional paid modules

Web push

Channel Scoring

Lead Scoring

Abandoned Cart