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Omnichannel Marketing
E-mail marketing

Start monetizing your audience base – use email marketing. Right now! We will help you in this process.

Omnichannel Marketing
SMS campaigns

Use the effective SMS channel to quickly post updates on your offerings. Create personalized SMS communication and increase the power of reaching…

Omnichannel Marketing
Web push notifications

Do you have a new promotion? Do you want to encourage users to return to your website and finalize an order? Are you organizing an event and want to announce it quickly? Use web push notifications for this

Omnichannel Marketing
SMTP server

Secure & open system and connectivity in an efficient ecosystem is the basis for effective automation

Omnichannel Marketing
A/B/X tests

Don’t lose clients through boring emails. Check which messages attract more attention and automatically send the best version of the message.

Omnichannel Marketing
Surveys – create marketing research

Ask your customers about their brand experience and conduct marketing research (and more) using surveys.

Omnichannel Marketing
Mobile lead generation application

The mobile lead generation application allows you to expand your base with new contacts, which directly translates into wider opportunities for marketing activities.

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