Our cooperation with Digitree Group is exemplary. We are pleased to have a Partner who effectively supports us in building customer relationships - thanks to the Client Service department and the high-quality SAREsystem tool, we have been able to increase our customers' loyalty. We are fully satisfied with the course and the results of the actions taken.

Ewa FilipowiczDigital and CRM Manager CEE and Nordic, L’Occitane en Provence

We have been using the SARE system for nearly 14 years. Our first mailings were sent out in 2009, with the primary goal of notifying customers about new offers and generating leads. In addition to the obvious benefits of the system, such as ease of use and continuous platform development, it's essential to emphasize the invaluable assistance of the Client Service team.

Maciej TykarskiIndependent e-Marketing Specialist, Marketing Department, VB Leasing

We use the SARE system for carrying out e-mail marketing campaigns. We highly value the quality of customer service, and our dedicated consultant reliably supports us in our daily work with the system. They are always willing to share their knowledge, so we can say that the SARE system is a professional tool backed by the substantive expertise of its staff.

Łukasz WięcekMulti-channel Sales Manager, Polish Stem Cell Bank S.A.

We have been cooperating with SARE S.A. in the field of e-mail marketing since July 2013. (…) The tool provided by SARE S.A. is tailored to our needs and their team of specialists helps us in creating dedicated solutions and communication schemes. The support of the Client Service department is very helpful in our daily use of the SARE system, as well as in implementing advanced digital marketing projects.

Leszek Olszański Agora Performance,Business e-Commerce Product Director

SARE is advanced technology, but also an effective way to reach customers. Given that the system is written in a proprietary programming language, its capabilities are virtually limitless and, consequently, tailored to individual needs. (...) SARE is a professional tool essential for every marketer, backed by the expertise of the people who work there.

Marta CiesielskaDirector of Marketing, Optima Ltd.