This product from SARE it’s an unique solutions. It allows to integrate the SARE system with an email program.

That gives you an opportunity to plan and run marketing campaign directly from email programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail.


Campaigns management by email program

Now managing campaigns from Yours favourite email program is possible! It is enough to create proper configuration of mailbox and define user, password, SAREscript interface and group of contacts. 

You’re able to use this product in 3 different ways:

  1. For additional mailbox
    Configure your mailbox using SARE servers. Select ”only SMTP” (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) function in the system. Send email to particular receiver using any email address by SARE servers. What is main advantage of this solution? You reach better deliverability thanks to the well reputation of our servers.
  2. Transactional message
    This time You do not use ”only SMTP” function. SARE Tracking Codes are plugged into the message. You have the access to statistics of openings and clicks. The solution is useful for merchants, especially while using personalization.
    It allows also the database expanding. How? While sending emails to the addresses that are not included in your database, they are automatically saved there, with the notion that there is a lack of address verification, what can be done later on.
  3. Sending to the group of addresses
    Create a group in the system. Report of sending – is included in the system – you get the access to the full statistics, including clickmaps. Option is useful especially in marketing and PR actions.


Why is the solution an innovation?

  • Speed and ease of running campaigns – with no need of signing up into the system.
  • Reporting – results of campaigns allow to observe the customer’s behavior(clicks, openings, actions made) which are available in the system.
  • Integration of channels of communication – further campaigns optimization (email, SMS) basing on the campaign results.

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The most important functions

Following features are available for this product:

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