E-mail marketing is a foundation of every kind of business. It is not only about effective communication campaigns. 

Mostly thorough this tool and its functionalities You can sell using personalization and dynamic content.


Build effective e-mail campaigns with us!

SARE is the oldest and most professional e-mail marketing solution on the Polish market. Our system is used in customer loyalty programs, advertising campaigns, internal communications, investor relations, and public relations among others. SARE’s System ensures constant communication with customers and website users.

E-mail marketing is one of the most popular and highly effective advertising forms available through the internet. For many years SARE Corporation has helped hundreds of clients worldwide maintain positive relationships with their target audiences by helping to design and implement effective and successful advertising campaigns.

Newsletter is the most popular form of email message. Is the promise of extraordinary content – invites to the subscription, increases engagement rate, helps in building relations with the clients. Design and layout of newsletter have a great influence on effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Among the most important features of SARE system are:

  • High degree of personalization for message content,
  • Periodic e-mail sending and fully automated sending (birthday messages, monthly messages, etc.),
  • Advanced reports and analyses,
  • Possibility to edit mailings via the unique SAREscript programming language,
  • Use of an intuitive module for message creation or ability to use pre-made templates,
  • All databases available in one place at one time all the time,
  • Possibility to integrate campaigns with surveys and sending of SMS messages,

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Other functions

Following features are available for this product:

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