Automatyczna segmentacja, która pozwoli na zastosowanie marketing automation
database segmentation
Optymalizuj kampanie poprzez testy A/b, spamtesty i testery kreacji
Plan and test
Your campaigns
Zarządzanie kampaniami z poziomy programu pocztowego typu Outlook - produkt SMTP
Campaigns management
by Your favourite
email program


Get familiar with SARE platform
Campaigns are effective when You differentiate tools and solutions.

Use appropriate tools for Your business
and get ready for great effects!


Did You know that multichannel campaigns are two times more effective than those which use only one way of contact with clients?

Get to know how to use SMS in synergy with e-mail marketing.

How to combine e-mail with SMS channel?


Be inspired by possibilities of SARE system.

Use the full potential of our tool to make Your clients happy with customized offers send exactly at the time when they need them.


All functions in SARE system

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