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Need to quickly reach your recipients? We recommend sending them SMS! Here at SARE, we do so professionally. Integrate emailing activities with sending targeted SMS, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing. Define a dedicated sender of your message. Use the SMS channel to distribute discount codes, remind your audience about important events, or send a link to a new survey.



The SARE system allows you to run independent SMS campaigns or integrate them with other advertising activities.


Mobile marketing campaigns work great in providing quick information that should you’re your recipients immediately, regardless of whether they are at their computer or not.


Mass SMS send outs mean unlimited possibilities – reminding recipients about scheduled meetings and visits, providing them with invitations to events, or simply sending notifications or thank-you messages. SMS campaigns go head to head with e-mail marketing as the most effective marketing activities when it comes to sales.

przykład dla kampania SMS Amnesty International


Integration of SMS and e-mail campaigns

integracja mailing SMS

Cyclic shipments – e.g. birthday messages

urodzinowa kampania SMS

A simple and easy to use message creation module

prosty kreator wiadomości SMS

Standard SMS, MMS, Premium SMS

Kampania SMS premium
konkursy SMS i loterie

Tool for promotional campaigns, contests and SMS lotteries

kampanie SMS z użyciem zaawansowanej personalizacji

Advanced personalization

kampanie SMS raporty

Reports & analysis

bezpieczeństwo baz danych

All of your databases in one place - 100% database security and fast export capability

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Send an unlimited number of messages to everyone within your database, or only to chosen segments.

An extensive reporting system including information about delivered and undelivered messages.

Ability to define cyclic send outs from the system. Using this method you build a regular relationship with your clients and improve their loyalty. Specific birthday and promotional text messages may also be used.

zobacz jak intuicyjnie tworzyć kampanie SMS

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How do SMS campaigns work?

The answer is simple: in the SARE systems, SMS campaigns work well. First, we choose the recipient base, to which your message should be addressed - the choice of the target and its location are of great importance to the effectiveness of the campaign. Next, we send content optimized for the number of characters to the numbers from the database. Finally, we prepare a summary report of what we have done, and what effect it has brought, so that we could continue improving the results of your marketing activities.

As you can see, thanks to our SARE system, SMS campaigns are not complicated at all. It is worth using them as they provide you with the easiest form of reaching out to customers “outside the computer”, and above all else – here and now. With SMS campaigns it is a bit like with wingmen – their goal is to create a favourable situation, and to support other activities on the battlefield to attract the attention of the potential client.

Mobile marketing campaigns, i.e. SMS mailing, work great in providing short information, while mass SMS sendouts give you unlimited possibilities with relatively low emission costs. For example, you may use them to: remind users about scheduled meetings and visits, send invitations, notifications and thank you messages. You can also provide your customers with discount codes to your online store, which obviously have a huge impact on your sales.

The SMS module in the SARE system enables you to either run independent SMS campaigns, or to integrate them with other advertising activities. A tool built specifically for promotional campaigns, contests and SMS lotteries is available. Integration of SMS and e-mail campaigns is easy, as is advanced personalization of the messages, which will influence the engagement of your recipients.

By implementing SMS campaigns with the SARE system module, you can create messages in the form of a standard text message, MMS, Premium SMS, and also a voice message (VMS). What’s more – you won’t need any of our assistance in order to do so. The interface we have developed is very user-friendly and intuitive, and the message editor allows you to easily customise the way in which you communicate with your customers.

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