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Tomasz Pruszczynski, Prezes SARE SA
I had a startup. Now we conquer the stock market.
autor: Magdalena Niedobecka

Tomasz Pruszczyński, the President of the Management Board in SARE stock-offering Capital Group tells us how ideas for business are born. Below, you will find a few hints about what you should pay attention to, while founding a startup. We encourage you to read his story and the story of the company.

He says that he was starting his business along with the birth of the Polish Internet. He also adds that he has never lost his childhood passion for Lego building. The only things that have changed are  building bricks. Tomasz Pruszczyński, a co-founder and the President of the Management Board in SARE, tells us about business building in the world of new technologies.

Everything started 10 years ago, when two young and creative men (Tomasz Pruszczyński and Damian Rutkowski) made a decision to found a company designed to send its clients a mass marketing mailing. At the beginning the company was meant to support OS3 – an advertising agency obtaining increasingly better results. They needed people with programming knowledge to create tools able to send thousands of emails with just one click. They found it. This was the beginning of SARE.

– In one of the former projects we needed an effective system for automatic email sending. On the market, there was no solution that would meet our expectations. We had to build it on our own. Afterwards we found that such a complex tool might be used not only by us, but also by others who actively work in the business. Thereupon we offered it to our clients.

Time showed that SARE was a solution that had been awaited by the intensively growing Internet marketing market. 2005 turned out to be a landmark year for the Internet industry – it was a perfect time to enter the market with a new technology which would simplify communication with the client via online channel. The company’s strategy involved extending the tool with additional functionalities. The market became increasingly demanding and emerging competition motivated to take further actions. SARE was growing in strength and the company’s results were constantly improving. For many years SARE was a key player on the market of sales support and online marketing and so it is today.

What happened next?
– The fact is, that a lot of entrepreneurs tend to cling too tightly to one idea. They focus on its development instead of turning it into a profitable business. Founding startups such as INIS or mr Target was a natural process of the company’s development. They stem from the activities undertaken by our clients. They inspire us. If there is an opportunity on the horizon, we check if the market we want to get into has an upward trend, and if after a year of functioning it may exist as a separate brand.

In this way, after numerous business conversations and market analyses, an idea to found a company complementing SARE’s offer emerged. In 2010 INIS is born.

INIS is a company focused on creating and providing the most effective solutions for advertisers, publishers and entrepreneurs who know that the Internet became powerful tool in current times. . It generates contact and sales leads of high quality. It becomes one of the biggest email marketing networks in Poland.

Tomasz Pruszczyński indicates that before the company introduces its product to the market a person managing the project – a leader – has to be appointed. Founding and leading multiple startups at the same time is a task beyond the abilities of one person. Although Tomasz is the president of all the companies within the group and supervises their development, he confides the operational management to trusted managers who occupy the position of managing directors. He believes that their identification with the company and its goals is crucial. That is why the key managers are bound by the License Agreement. The realization of the goals, which consists of achieving the assumed financial results, allows the managers to take a part of the company’s shares, even up to 10% of the share capital. The leader of the particular project should be able to directly feel the effects of their actions.

– It often happens that newly formed companies are managed by people who do not have technical knowledge or experience as a group or project manager. The person to whom the project is confided should be completely devoted to it and have knowledge and skills in brand building. If a given person meets the budget guidelines and has the characteristics of a good leader, after a certain period of time, they participate in the motivation program. We constantly look for enterprising people. Both for those who can manage the projects we are already thinking of, and those who want to develop their own business with our support.

The further growth of the Group consists in developing next defined businesses. As a result, the SARE Capital Group was established. It uses independently developed IT solutions and, based on them, it builds particular solutions for existing and potential clients. Next to INIS, the Group consists of following companies: Mr Target – realizing online marketing campaigns, Salelifter – creating and managing databases, Teletarget – call center expanding the other companies’ offer to an additional channel through which the information can reach the recipient.

Mr Target is another example of a startup company, which was formed as a result of the clients’ and the market’s needs. It soon turned out that the idea was excellent – today the company generates a high percentage of the Group income and significant profits.

– Our philosophy is to use our own IT achievements to prepare a complementary offer for the end customers, more eager to pay for the actions’ effects than for the access to the system. Thanks to this we have not stayed at the basic level, but we are constantly and dynamically developing. The Initial Public Offering on NewConnect was a natural step, which was about to lead us towards next successes. And so it happened. The Group results continue to grow, there are more companies and investments. By the end of 2015 we will have been ready to move to the Main Market of the Stock Exchange.

When asked, what ideas are forming in his head, he gives a rather vague answer…
– We want to use the potential of the plenitude of the aggregated information about the Internet users, which we collect from them. We process and use a large part of the information to prepare even more effective communication and marketing tools. However, we believe that there is a much greater value in this collection of data. My business experience has shown that in the real world, a business never holds good for everything. Eventually, there are always some deviations from the planned budget and long-term plans. However, if we have a business plan, I would not suggest to throw it away. You should review it e.g. once a month. You will probably find out that the budget guidelines are not met, but then you will immediately know, what the actual market’s potential is, and what processes should be improved to get back on an even keel. It is all about finding the synergy in the actions we take. It is the essence of achieving success in business.


An article from 27.04.2015 


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