New in SARE system vol.1
Efekt synergii kampanii SMS i email
How to combine the email and SMS channels?
autor: Waldemar Miskow

E-mail marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising on the Internet. It helps to maintain positive relationships with recipients and to conduct effective and successful advertising campaigns. It is a fundamental part of sales communication, and, combined with the additional communication channel, it enables a significant increase in the effectiveness of achieved results.

One of the most interesting and popular combinations is connecting email campaigns with SMS campaigns, which are perfect to pass short pieces of information. An advantage of SMS is reaching the recipient immediately, which can be very convenient when used in a certain kind of advertising campaigns, in which the delivery time is crucial.
You should remember, that SMS, next to email marketing, is one of the most effective sales support activities. The integrations is very simple and when you use both of these solutions, you can run your campaigns to a significantly greater extent, providing you have your recipient’s telephone number as well as their email address.
Examples of the combined campaigns:
• Occasional campaigns – the combination of email and SMS campaigns in case of campaigns which are limited in time. Most often, we primarily run the email campaign and use the SMS campaign as an addition, which is a complement and a good activator to complete a certain action. When we are conducting an action, e.g. on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we are interested in opening the information on the specific day and time, in order to realize a promotion, a coupon, a discount or even a free service. In such a case, knowing if the email has been opened or not is an additional motivator to use the SMS service and to perform an action in this channel, due to the promotion time limit.
It contributes to a significant increase in the effectiveness of the campaign realization.
We can act similarly in case of birthday, name day or holiday campaigns.

• Competition campaigns – a combination of the e-mail campaign as the passive and the SMS campaign, as the active one. Via email messages, the user receives all the information concerning the competition, the rules and announcements. – thus, it is a type of one-sided communication . Through the SMS channel, the user is actively engaged in all the involving actions, such as e.g. answering a contest question.

What is noticeable is that when the email and SMS channels are combined, they do not compete but complement each other, significantly increasing the campaign effectiveness. It is worth remembering, that SMS is only one of the possible communication forms. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service or VMS (Voicemail System) are also available. The possibility of the use of various forms improves the effectiveness of reaching the recipient and maximizes the effects of our actions. You should remember about the proper media selection, depending on the chosen form, channel and possible return actions of the user.

Proper using and combining the channels should bring about satisfactory effects to many realized campaigns.



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